Halloween Special 2018 is out

Posted by in on October 10, 2018 . .

Myths and folk legends tell of a twisted scarecrow with a bird on his shoulder, known as Scarecrow Stan. Emerging from the loamy soil shrouded in mist, he wields a bizarre pitchfork with rusty nails and drags a sack with rotten pumpkins behind him.

This clumsy and pretty much harmless creature looks after fields, orchards and crops. Constantly tripping and stumbling, he tries to scare off greedy thieves and unconcerned birds but the latter seem to like him quite a bit. Local folks don't bother him, silently appreciating his inefficient yet sincere intentions.

When the fall is over, he wanders off not to be seen until it's time to sow again...

Scarecrow Stan is a Halloween special miniature and will be available for four weeks only. Be quick and grab him before he wanders off!

Tags: new release Last update: October 10, 2018

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