Greta the Goblin Witch

Posted by in on October 27, 2019 . .
When someone wants to put a curse on his neighbour, make other fall in love, or just fulfill a petty act of vengeance against a long time enemy, they visit Greta. Greta is an old and nasty goblin witch who  lives in seclusion, for her presence is rather unsettling to normal folk. She has lived up to reputation of a nearly mythical hell-hag, used by parents throughout the ancient world to scare children into behaving. 
It takes a brave soul to venture into to the isolated cottage of a witch, but for a few pennies, she will work her magic for the petitioner. Sometimes she will use her art to heal, but usually it will be to curse an enemy, ruin a rival, brew a lethal potion that will kill an inconvenient oponent without leaving a trace.
You better treat her nice and watch your tone around her, for her dark rituals can affect friends and foes alike...
Tags: new release Last update: October 27, 2019

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