Green Hero

Posted by in on October 17, 2018 . .

Unnamed Orc Hero is a truely violent chieftain, ready to lead the biggest horde there is - no doubt about it! He's the biggest, greenest and meanest warboss a clan can have. A natural born leader, fearsome warrior and surprisingly cunning strategist (well, for orc standards that is...), he exceedes every other greenskin on the battlefield, and wreaks havoc among enemies, hacking and slashing his opponents in a bloody whirlwind of flesh and metal.

Armed with a huge combi-dakka, bomb-flail and a lot of various boomsticks, he's ready to pick the biggest fight there is. Such armament is pretty much the best summary of his personality, so if you're looking for a monstrous killing machine to lead your horde into battle, this crude brute is the way to go!

Tags: new release Last update: October 17, 2018
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