Goblin Junkyard Roller

Posted by in on March 07, 2017 . .

There is something exceptional about goblins, no doubt about it. They're small, cowardly, weak creatures and not even orks like them. That's why they ALWAYS have to try harder ;) . Gather a mob of them together and you'll quickly find out that they're capable of doing great things in a time of need.

Our Goblin Junkyard Roller is a perfect example of such creation.

Made of metal scraps, old weapons and rusty junk that was lying around. But don't let the looks fool you! This is a one hundred percent bullet proof powerful war machine, and it's ready to blow the enemys head clean off... hopefuly. Running on high octane petrol of unknown origin, the Junkyard Roller is the newest invention of our workshop's mek-gobbos.

Who is ready to roll??!

Tags: new release Last update: March 07, 2017

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