Frostbitten Howl

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Forged in the cold winds of distant, frostbitten planets, Feral Knights are savage and proud servants of the Human Empire. They seek eternal glory and honor in battle, making it their biggest desire and eternal, epic quest.

These soldiers have genetically enhanced, superhuman senses and physiology, very often occuring in various wolf-like mutations and anomalies. This inheritance is very often seen as both blessing and a curse. As a matter of fact, they appear to be savage and wild, adorning their battle armor with various furs, pelts, bones, skulls and teeth of slain enemies, that were taken from them as trophies and various battle relics.

Fiercely loyal to their „wolfpacks”, Feral Knights are extremely honorable and competitive, and will stop at nothing to defend their home world and it’s inhabitants, especially their battle brothers.

The set contains 10 head swaps cast in high quality resin. Designed to fit 28mm "heroic" miniatures.

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