Fridays Creative Madness

Posted by in on January 25, 2014 . .

Thought I'd share initiative I've introduced to the workshop a while back. Each Friday we can step back from scheduled project and have some fun with the things we have in mind , those that do not fit regular releases. It is also time we can use for learning and trying out new things.
So what some os us have been doing during those Fridays?
Konrad from the very beginning had some idea about sort of crazy orc carrying cannon. He is huge Blizzard fanboy ;) so he wanted to stylize his model differently - somewhere in between regular orc image and the quirkier orcs from computer games universes. So he launched Zbrush and started sculpting :) . During the work he added a funky , and surprisingly happy (ignorance is definitely bliss for the unfortunate fella) , gobbo that is being fired from the gun. I have a suspicion that it may be influenced by the things he worked during rest of the week - it seems he was unable to get rid of greenskins ;). Thing that caused extra chuckle in the workshop. When he completed the model I had a chance to test my ideas about showing the model in a new way - such cool piece deserves a worthy presentation.

On the other side of the room Kuba started making something which is becoming his specialty - a vehicle, a post-apoc pickup truck to be precise. To speed the things up he decided to try merging assets from 2 apps he frequently uses - Rhino, his main tool and Modo which he started using first when we got to work on some more freeform, flowing jewellery . The workflow worked nicely as you can see.

Now he is left with a task of preparing it for production - as a large piece it will be slightly trickier. Konrad is much more lucky - as he decided to settle on a figure he had easier challenge this time. Cutting the orc for production was rather straightforward. A huge part of it comes from careful planning - he asked me several times during the design process howto pose the model and solve some of the issues just to make sure the casting will be easy.
Oh, and yes - we're going to cast those :D . While not a regular release we will prepare those for production and will add them to the store in the next couple of months :) .
By the way - how would you go about scaling the orc? Michal, out over FB, suggested that we should try it as a 54mm mini . On the other hand hand I'd love to see it as a 28mm "heroic" mini (as a mighty orc that would make around 40mm to the top of the head) - something I could use for a custom game or boardgame piece.

What comes for the next Friday sessions? Tough to tell what kind of craziness will escape confinement of our heads :D . Last session proved to be a training one as we've spent some time watching tutorials and learning new software. Keep tuned :) . On our side we will keep using Fridays for pushing boundaries of what we can do :) .

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