Female Kommissar joins the ranks

Posted by in on July 09, 2018 . .
"If you won't serve in battle, then you will be treated as a mutineer..."
                                                                                     - Nina Richter
Behold Nina Richter - a highly respected Kommissar, tasked with the duty to maintain the morale of the troops in the most dangerous combat. 
Empowered to use any means necessary to ensure the loyalty and moral purity of her soldiers, including overriding as well as executing a regiment's commanding officer if necessary. Regarded with a mixture of fear and admiration by her charges, Nina Richter knows no fear or compassion when facing the enemies of mankind, and expects nothing less from the units she commands.
Both merciless and inspiring, she's truely a hero to be reckoned with.
Designed by Justyna Bien.
Tags: new release Last update: July 09, 2018

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