Easter 2019 special

Posted by in on April 09, 2019 . .

S'mark - the most tricksy, looney and unpredictable of all the gobbos in the history of greenskins. He always carries a basket full of magic mushrooms and rotten eggs, that keep his insanity level way above the scale.

This crazed goblin hero always charges the enemy on the back of his trusted battle gnawler, hopping through the battlfield in a crazed rampage and wreaking havoc among terrified adversaries.

Beside biting and chomping through the enemy lines, S'mark spends most of his time looking for and consuming insane amounts of mushrooms, occasionally throwing rotten eggs at his fellow greenskins. Hey, what did you expect from a looney goblin?!

Happy easter everyone!

Last update: April 09, 2019

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