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Posted by in on August 11, 2013 . .

Since the launch of the new site I've been discussing possibility of adding Disqus to manage all the comments out here. I've talked both with fans and those who do not like it. We weightened pros and cons - in the end we'll use it :) . It is so much fun and makes enagaging discussions much easier to handle and participate in.

So what is it? Well , the truth is simple - it is a commenting system on steroids. There's a huge chance you've already been using it without knowing it - it powers sites like IGN or BoLS.

On users side it allows to post comment / send message without registering, simply using  their familiar FB / Google+ / Twitter log-in . For users that decide to register with Disqus it allows you to track your and other people comments - so no longer you'll have to check gazillion of pages , you'll have all you need in one simple panel.
On our side we will be able to see what's going on on the site in a single dashboard- and thus it will be easier for both sides to participate in discussions.

To mark the launch of it I've thought about a contest - after a month I'll review all the comments and will pick 3 of you. Those will be added to 'Supremes' customer programme which grants 10% discount. Also one of the winners will get a box with a worthy goodies :) .
Ok, I'm getting back to my desk so I could work more on the content you can actually comment :) .


Tags: announcement Last update: August 11, 2013
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