Da Loot

Posted by in on October 31, 2018 . .

More ammo! More fuel! More DAKKA!!!
Orcs just love to put their hands on stuff that not exactly belongs to them. Some greenskin clans specialize in that sort of activities, and even turn it into some sort of twisted and bizarre form of art.

What is loot? Well... it's pretty much anything a greedy orc can put his hands on and appropriate for himself. Ammo, fuel, guns, bombs, engines, tanks, vehicles, warmachines etc. Once an orc "acquires" some new and shiny thingies, he usually takes them to their Mek buddies to be rebuilt into something bit more... orky.

This set contains da BIG BOOM BOOM, ammo crates, fuel, some smaller bommas and pretty much anything an orc may find useful on the battlefield.

Tags: new release Last update: October 31, 2018

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