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This marks a new type of article on our web site – the one where we highlight some of our customer's projects we had a pleasure to work on.
First one is a goldie - have you ever wanted to immerse yourself and your friends in a game deeply rooted in a world of megacorporations, cybernetic implants, shady deals and rapid clashes?  „Human Interface – Nakamura Tower” would be an excellent choice. The game is brought by talented folks from Postindustrial Games.
HINT is a cyberpunk themed game that mixes elements taken from classic boardgames, miniature games and RPGs. The players progress through mission based campaign with unique characters – upgrading them with various weapons and implants along the way. The game is a real eye catcher thanks to wonderful, full color boards and accompanying miniatures.
And the last part is where we came in :) - initially Postindustrial Games turned to us to 3d print the first wave of their models. We’ve been hooked on the theme and the cooperation quickly expanded - we’ve started working on the sculpting side as well. 
We’ve brought our experience in developing manufacturable models to the table along with our skill in working with that scale. One of the key challenges when sculpting on a computer is realizing that something that looks good on the screen, does not have to work well in reality. First of all, it comes down to a fact that when you work digitally you see model magnified on a screen a couple of times. Also there are technical requirements for the mesh / nurbs files you have to meet - otherwise 3d printer / mill won’t process them correctly. 
Luckily those are the things we deal with on a daily basis :) . So first of all we’ve fixed and modified their existing miniatures, so they wouldn’t cause any problems during 3d printing and casting.
Then we moved to full sculpts – which was super enjoyable. Provided concept art was tremendously helpful and inspiring. Working from the grounds up had an added benefit that we could ensure those are designed correctly - saving the customer from costly tweaks later on. 
The result is a range of models that should catch an eye of the theme's fans – so if you enjoy the dark visions of the near future, with megacorporations vying for control, make sure to check it out.
Here are some of our favorites from the range:

… and that's just a tiny selection of models we did for this project. To see more make sure to visit their site at and visit Kickstarter campaign for the first expansion for the game  - “Human Interface - Be a Better Human“.
It's just a couple of days left so pledge while you still can :) .
We look forward to work with Postindustrial Games on their future endeavors. Can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with next. 

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