Crowdfunding? Possibly...

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Over at DakkaDakka forums I've mentioned that we're considering using crowdfunding for some of the projects. This resulted in some awesome replies and suggestions - especially OrlandotheTechnicoloured's posts brought some valuable points. Thus, so far we've come to this:

1. Kickstarter vs Indiegogo
If possible definitely Kickstarter. Most of the people seem to prefer it. I still wonder why - some people mentioned currency translations and that Kickstarer is US based. But the thing is that Indiegogo is US based too and we can set currency to US dollars. So I have a feeling that the reason may lie somewhere else.
I'm thinking about it mostly becasue as we're in Poland, using Kickstarer is a tad tricky for us - would require us an extra effort to set an account on it, and to be honest I'd prefer to use this time for something else.
Do you think we could launch successful campaign on Indiegogo? What should we do to increase the chances, to bring them closer to Kicstarter?

2. Clear goal .
Be clear what you're aiming for and be cautious about stretch goals. I have good feeling about it as a first project I'd like to launch (army) is well sketched out - I know exactly what units we'd like to make and what we can add to the project if it proves successful.

3. Delivery .
Taking delivery costs and times into account proved to be doom for more than a couple crowdfunding campaigns. Luckily after a couple of years running this venture I know exactly how much it takes to deliver a product :) .

4. Freebies vs more options .
Personally I'd prefer to extend the project and work on more options than throw some freebies to the funded project as a stretch goal. I think the more people can choose from the better. But what do you think about it?

5. Timeframe .
It's good to assume worst case scenario when it comes to deadlines.

6. Communication .
We should be as responsive as possible. Got to admit that's the part that scares me the most. As we're crazy busy I'm really worried that I may fail to provide as frequent updates as I should. Not because of lack of progress - quite the contrary, because we will be working hard to finish the project on time. What's your opinion - what kind of updates / frequency do you think will suffice?


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