Comments contest winners

Posted by in on September 29, 2013 . .

As I've posted on FB winners of the comments contest are:

Arkham America

Marcin Ciszewicz

Ángel Santana Dorta

Congrats guys! I really enjoyed AA's suggestions and comments regarding the site - I really wish to implement some of those ideas. It was also cool to have a 3d software related discussion with Marcin.

Anyways send me a message with info what your webstore accounts are and I'll add you to Supremes so you could benefit from a discount. Remember that atm it works only with full checkout, with regular PayPal - PayPal Express won't work (hopefully by the end of the next week it will be ok).

How it works? Simple - make your orders usual way. When you go to checkout you should see your discount on the order total :) .

Tags: announcement Last update: September 29, 2013
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