Bringing the Beast from the Abyss...

Posted by in on September 11, 2013 . .

... literally ;) . Really !  This melevolant creature of insanity and random tentaclish goodness has had its ways before it got released.

It all started a couple years back when I got this idea born from B movies  (you can blame "Tremors" and "Braindead" mostly). The main issue was explaining the idea to the sculptor. I've been feeling rather uncomfoartble when it comes to drawing at the time ( to be honest I still do - but I'm not afraid to take a pencil anymore :D ), but luckily around this period I've got in touch with Piotr who seemed to be really into monsters (he did a crazy good concept for our cyclops before). A couple of iterations later the final concepts were born.

When Robert saw it he really was into sculpting it. And he did it - but the thing he created was crazily huge - and we had to discard it. Some time has passed before I decided to give it anothe shot and sent the project to Adam. Jackpot :) ! He shaped the model quickly and sent it to us. When it reached the studio we've slowly come to realize how tricky it will be to cast.

Cutting it into pieces has taken more than a while :D . First the original has been cut and moulded, then we did some extra cuts on the copies and worked on the joints. When the kit was almost ready I've started to have my doubts whether we can pull it out for mass production. Around that time we've moved to a new workshop and the hassle was out of my mind - as we forgot about the model in all the mess.

The funny thing is that workshop overhaul was the thing that brought this one back to life. We've been shuffling boxes and came across the one with long forgotten goodies.  Some parts still needed tweaks, but with the "webstore only" option we knew we can release it. And here it is, back from the abyss ;) .

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