Bounce, chomp and explode!

Posted by in on April 01, 2019 . .

Beware the ferocious gnawers!!! These odd creatures are hardly anything more than bouncing (or wheelie riding in some cases!) gobs of razor sharp teeth... and occasionally some explosives as well.

Gnawers are simple creatures and are commonly bred by various ork tribes. Greenskins tend to use them as pets, food source, source of various entertainment and obviously, as a bizarre form of weapon.

Strapping some bombs, grenades, enhanced metal jaws and even set of wheels to a gnawer is not a problem for an experienced ork mek-head. Such "pimped" pets become a force to be reckoned with, and are willingly used by crazed orks as a rapid response units. Those unfortunate enough to encounter these upgraded gobs are quickly bitten, torn apart, or simply blown to pieces (along with the explosives bearer itself).

Are you ready to lead these maniacal beasts on the battlefield?! Of course you are!!! GNAW, JUMP, GNAW, BOOM!!!

Tags: new release Last update: April 01, 2019

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