Bigger OINK!

Posted by in on March 24, 2017 . .

A couple of months ago we've released head swaps that were a bit... peculiar ;) The bits we're talking about are called "boarman heads", and they turned out to be quite popular with our customers. The most common question concerning them was "are you going to release a bigger set of these? So they can match bulkier, ork sized models?". We really liked the idea of a giant pork-ork, so we've finally came up with these!

Zbyszek managed to design five different pig heads that are totally amazing! All of them are pierced, some have punk-style mohawk haircuts and other bizzare ornaments. They're really, really ugly and we love them a lot. Some people in our workshop even love them waaay too much. Well, sometimes it's hard to understand a die-hard ork enthusiast ;)

Oink, oink! Here come the Hogs of War!

Tags: new release Last update: March 24, 2017

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