Big Boom

Posted by in on May 25, 2018 . .

Big Bada Boom!

Any big guns lovers out there? If you like to "soften" your enemy a little before engaging them in a regular combat, then this promo is for you! For the next seven days all of our "heavy wepons" products are 15% off. Gun carts, weapon turrets, tanks, heavy artillery - you name it! Remember that you can mount many of our heavy weapons on a vehicle. Quite convenient, isn't it?

Making a bigger BOOM has never been more affordable! :D

Our promo covers the following products:

- A-cannon gun platform
- Gatling platform
- Gun cart - Maxim pattern
- AA Gun Turret
- Bulletstorm Turret
- Missile Turret
- Gothic KV2 Tank
- Scrap Tank
- Siege Gun - gun only
- Siege Gun - complete set
- Twin linked laser cannon
- Wunderrocket

Tags: promo Last update: May 25, 2018
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