Backpack Promo

Posted by in on April 13, 2018 . .

Until next Saturday all of the backpacks in our range are 15% off! Backpack promo covers pretty much everything you can mount on the back of your miniature ;) - whether it's a jump pack, regular infantry backpack (full of ammo, supplies and probably some sandwiches) or space knights power supporting unit - they're all here with a nice and juicy discount ;). Cause there's NEVER too much equipment on a miniature!

- iron pattern jump packs
- silver wing pattern jump packs
- bronze pattern jump packs
- storm talon pattern jump packs
- jump packs
- guardsman backpacks
- steampunk infantry backpacks
- biohazard backpacks
- gothic backpacks

Tags: promo Last update: April 24, 2018
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