Anti Riot Ogres set is out

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Things are gonna get heavy!

Our Anti-Riot ogres are an elite rapid response unit, most commonly used as heavy armoured shock troopers.

They usually serve on the battlefield as living, mobile bunker walls. Hidden behind huge shields, they're able to withstand heavy enemy fire, soaking up bullets, lasers and pretty much any kind of infantry fire. Deployed this way, they provide a wall of walking cover to their fellow soldiers, as they advance towards the enemy.

They're also capable of providing some serious heavy fire with their arm-mounted grenade launchers (or even mortars regarding their size), that were designed to withstand ogres brutal and rather crude nature.

Instead of wielding grenade launchers, some ogre units are equipped with enormous power mauls, that can pacify their adversaries with a surprising efficiency, leaving no doubt that 'might is right' - especially when we're talking about over 500lbs of meat, bones, and attitude.

Sculpted and designed by Zbyszek Chmurzyński.

Anti-Riot Ogre squad contains parts to assemble 3 miniatures. The parts allow to assemble either grenade launchers or power maul variants. Plastic bases supplied. Designed for 28mm 'heroic' miniatures games, cast in high quality resin.

 Oh, and if you've overlooked it and enjoy watching things happening behind the curtain- here's a quick timelapse recorded while Zbyszek has been working on those:


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