Ancient Armor

Posted by in on July 12, 2019 . .

The most hardened Feral Knights veterans are well known for their unbreakable armor, able to withstand even the harshest and most epic battles. Enemy bullets cannot penetrate it, for it was forged in fire and ice by the brotherhoods blacksmiths, famous for their fine craftsmanship.

Quite commonly adorned with the image of wolves head, ancient runes and symbols, these armors are belived to have nearly magical powers, and they do affect it's owner greatly.

Having faced every foe, xeno and other threat known to mankind, the oldest and wisest brothers gain an honour of wearing the thickest and most ancient armor available, becoming an irresistable force - unmovable island of steel and wrath, providing lethal fire support to all their fellow kin, fighting alongside their battle brothers and seeking their own glory in battle.

Kit contains 10 shoulder pads cast in high quality resin.

Tags: new release Last update: July 12, 2019
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