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Sometimes the only way to keep law and order is to use brutal force. Swift and sure, but not always just.

People who carry out this function are extremely well trained and are about to use any means necessary to fulfill their duty. They constantly root out rebels, heretics and pretty much any sort of threat to the stability of their city.
They operate as they best see fit, using urban military tactics, but also strongly relying on their superior weaponry and firepower. These military enforcers have little pity or compassion for the citizens. Years of dealing with the scum of the galaxy...

Posted by in on Aug 30, 2019 .

Hailing from the distant world of eternal darkness, these elite soldiers are well known throughout the galaxy for being a die hard guardsmen that never back down and are always prepared to die to the last man if necessary.

Every soldier in this unit was once a member of their home planet's military police force, and has spent years ducking, crawling and fighting gangers in narrow corridors and industrial facilities of overcrowded hive cities. Once hardened in such urban warfare, only the toughest members gain an unquestionable honour of wearing a military uniform, and joining...

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Get yourself ready for a whole WEEK of disgusting goodies with a 15% discount :) Lots of rotting flesh, festering wounds, scabs, pus and all kinds of gutted monstrosities. Yum!

We've slashed 15% off from the following products:

- graeter plaguebringer

- plaguebringer

- plaguebeast

-plague giant

- rotten puppets

- plague champion heads

- putrid knights helmets

- mutation set

- putrid flamer

- screaming heretics shoulder pads

- biohazard heads

- biohazard backpacks

- necrotech power fists

- Gharrak the Bone Ripper

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This week something for those wanting to make their own set of battle hardened jungle fighters - a set of torsos (with separate arms) as usual cast in our high quality resin.

These guys are TOUGH! Jungle soldiers are exceptional fighters, considered to be extremely resourceful and uncompromising on the battlefield. Being deadly melee fighters, they cut with their giant knives with great precision and agility. In jungle terrain they're pretty much unbeatable and unsurpassed by any other mortal soldier, but they can also quickly adapt to any other war zone. They do that without complains,...

Posted by in on Jul 26, 2019 .
Shields of the Northern Tribes are favoured by many warriors for the exceptional protection they offer in various situations, such as close quarter melee combat, boarding actions and siege attacks, making them a perfect compromise between defence and flexibility.

Crafted from the finest iron, wood and leathers, these shields glowing mysteriously with the power of runes, carefuly crafted by the ancient blacksmiths in their forges, hidden in the frosty mountains. Very often adorned with wild animals bones and claws, various amulets and trinkets, it's believed that these shields hold...

Posted by in on Jul 19, 2019 .

Northern lands are inhabited by a race of ferocious barbarians known for their legendary and half mystical craftsmanship. Fur-clad warriors and berserkers o who unleash their devastating fury whenever possible. Warlike and cruel, fanatically devoted to their ancient gods, these men are also a baneful scourge of their foes. The brutality of their raids is legendary for they are, without exception, great warriors, blessed with incredible strength at arms.

Their land is savage and brutal, all the time plagued by lethal winters. In such circumstances they forge their legendary weapons,...

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The most hardened Feral Knights veterans are well known for their unbreakable armor, able to withstand even the harshest and most epic battles. Enemy bullets cannot penetrate it, for it was forged in fire and ice by the brotherhoods blacksmiths, famous for their fine craftsmanship.

Quite commonly adorned with the image of wolves head, ancient runes and symbols, these armors are belived to have nearly magical powers, and they do affect it's owner greatly.

Having faced every foe, xeno and other threat known to mankind, the oldest and wisest brothers gain an honour of wearing...

Posted by in on Jul 08, 2019 .

Most experienced and battle-hardened of the Feral Knights ranks gain an honour of being their Battle Leader’s bodyguard, a hand picked elite unit of the bravest warriors. They serve as his protectors and the forefront of his army.

To become such ane elite warrior means to outshine your fellow battle brothers and prove to be worthy, by performing some kind of heroic deed in the most ferocious battle. Age is not a factor here, and there are no strict criterias in elevating to the higher ranks. Battle Leaders mostly rely on their instinct and convictions, they observe and...

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