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We all should have fun - and we happen to believe that tiny miniatures you can paint and play with are fun! But to have a quality fun time we belive you should get high quality, imaginative miniatures.
We're a bunch of creative people located in Poland with a love for tiny toy soldiers :) . From the very beggining we've focused on bringing quality content - and guess what, that worked! In 2011 we've started delving into coputer aided 3d creation to bring even wilder ideas to life, which followed in 2012 when we bought high res 3d printer for our studio. Combining traditional sculpting with modern tools not only allows us to work on amazingly complex project but turned out to be really cool.

Our current HQ can be found here:
Rydygiera 8
01793 Warszawa

EU VAT ID: PL1181995316

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