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  • Filth and decay Mar 02, 2018
    Behold the Putrid Knights -Sevants of The Rotten God, blessed with every known form of disease and decay. Each and every warrior is a hive of filth, festering with pus and swarming with maggots. Their bodies are eternally mutating with a variety of fungus, tentacles,...
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  • Beware the Inquisitoress Feb 23, 2018
    To save and protect. To set straight that which is twisted. To purge the unclean. To punish the sinner. To judge the heretic. She does it all, and she does it gladly.  The relentless and deadly agent of humanity, the Emperor's brightest flame. Inquisitor...
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  • NITRO BUNDLE!! Feb 16, 2018
    Unkle Speedster 'ere! Today me has got sumthin SPECIAL for all ov ya petrol lovers. Get yerself read fot UNKLE SPEEDSTERZ NITRO PROMOOOO!!! That's right! It's a fuel-injected, petrol-drenched turbo-boosted CAR SALE! Did I say "car"??? Heck no! It's an ALL VEHICLE sale!!!...
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  • Steam knights frenzy! Jan 26, 2018
    Hi everyone, Untill next saturday all of you can buy all the steam knigts related products with a 15% discount! Ain't that nice? :) Our promotion covers pretty much every bits and accessories available: head swaps, jump packs, back packs, shoulder pads, capes, melee...
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