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  • Motley crew Apr 26, 2019
    Cagey, cunning, tricksy and quite odd - these are probably the best words to describe these wicked, masked individuals. Some of them use their tribal or fungi magics to barter for tribal influence, while others work their way into a top position by either plotting...
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  • Lead the tank platoon Apr 19, 2019
     Tank Platoons are among the most powerful assets in the desert dwellers army arsenal. Such valued tools of destruction require the most skilled commanders. Those individuals need to go through rigorous training and years of service before they're deemed worthy of...
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  • Stygian Shields are available Apr 16, 2019
    These rusty shields made of bronze and copper are a legacy of an ancient civilization, forgotten aeons ago. Engraved with mysterious symbols and hieroglyphs that are impossible to unravel, they still provide an impressive combat value. Tough as iron yet light as...
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  • Easter 2019 special Apr 09, 2019
    S'mark - the most tricksy, looney and unpredictable of all the gobbos in the history of greenskins. He always carries a basket full of magic mushrooms and rotten eggs, that keep his insanity level way above the scale.
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