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  • Stygian Shields are available Apr 16, 2019
    These rusty shields made of bronze and copper are a legacy of an ancient civilization, forgotten aeons ago. Engraved with mysterious symbols and hieroglyphs that are impossible to unravel, they still provide an impressive combat value. Tough as iron yet light as...
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  • Easter 2019 special Apr 09, 2019
    S'mark - the most tricksy, looney and unpredictable of all the gobbos in the history of greenskins. He always carries a basket full of magic mushrooms and rotten eggs, that keep his insanity level way above the scale.
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  • Bounce, chomp and explode! Apr 01, 2019
    Beware the ferocious gnawers!!! These odd creatures are hardly anything more than bouncing (or wheelie riding in some cases!) gobs of razor sharp teeth... and occasionally some explosives as well. Gnawers are...
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  • Elder race Mar 11, 2019
    Once they dominated and ruled the Galaxy, but now are just an ancient dying race, forgotten long time ago. After the fall of their dominion, they have scattered among the stars in a planetoid-sized starships, roaming through the void.
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