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  • Heavy Stompin Jan 11, 2019
    What's better than a heavily armed and fully armored ork walker? Two heavily armed and fully armored ork walkers! Behold our brand new war machines! These tanks...
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  • Crowd control Dec 17, 2018
    Anti-riot Infantry Fighting Vehicle is an extremely versatile and relible carrier. It's durable construction, thick armor, boosted engine and a wide range of weaponry, allow it to operate pretty much anywhere: hive city ruins, hazardous wastelands, venomous jungles, open...
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  • XMAS2018 special Dec 11, 2018
    This content is probably not quite safe for work - you've been warned! At first glance he just looks like a really nasty, dwarvish version of Santa Claus. Shaggy, toothless, probably a bit smelly too. But if you take a closer look at what he's holding... yeah,...
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  • Desert Dwellers Arc Cannoneer Dec 07, 2018
    Arc cannon operators are probably the most ultimate badass soldiers of all the desert dwellers. Carrying a huge, battery powered heavy weapon ain't the safest duty in the world. Extremely powerful, yet...
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