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  • Monster Orcs! Dec 01, 2017
    Halloween is long gone, but we've figured a way to prolong it a little bit ;) We've had a couple of ideas on our Halloween special miniature this year and finally decided to go with the Orkenstein's Monster, BUT it just felt such a shame to just abandon all other...
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  • Black Friday 2017 Nov 23, 2017
    Oh YEAH! Black Friday 2017 is on! All items over at store got a hefty 20% discount. Groovy! The discount will last till the end the weekend which should give enough time to catch on a deal :) .
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  • Orkenstein's monster Oct 31, 2017
    Happy haunting everyone! Same as last year, we've decided to come up with something special for Halloween - a miniature that you can put on your shelve as well as on the gaming table. Well, after throwing a couple of ideas and having a few brawls, we've came up with...
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  • Sniper Rifles MK2 released Oct 20, 2017
    Hi there! Did you miss us? Well, we missed you too! That's why today we'll introduce you to our new firend. Here's our brand new Sniper Rifle mk. II - a powerful weapon best used to attack distant enemies and small, lightly armoured targets. Deadly accurate at both...
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