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  • Madman and lunatics Oct 12, 2018
    What is the greatest challenge in the godforsaken, lifeless wasteland? Not to go insane! Imagine living in a desolated world, where every form of life is hostile and dangerous, every person you encounter wants to rob or/and kill you and your parents abandoned you...
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  • Halloween Special 2018 is out Oct 10, 2018
    Myths and folk legends tell of a twisted scarecrow with a bird on his shoulder, known as Scarecrow Stan. Emerging from the loamy soil shrouded in mist, he wields a bizarre pitchfork with rusty nails and drags a sack with rotten pumpkins behind him. This clumsy and...
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  • Wooden Barrels are out Oct 08, 2018
    Highly explosive gunpowder desperately needed on a battlefield? Dwarven ale stored in a basement of some local inn? Or maybe an exotic spice imported from a distant eastern countries? These barrels may contain any...
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  • Desert Dwellers Sniper Sep 28, 2018
    Desert Dwellers snipers are great soldiers, but above all they're exceptional marksmen, capable to kill the enemies from afar. These men are experts with single shot weapons, their talents being identified during both: trainings and operations. Having been spotted as an...
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