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  • For a limited time Jun 22, 2018
    Limited quantities of the plague giant miniature are back in store. This is one of those pieces that pops out only from time to time as it is a bit tricky to cast and while it has cool vibe it is not without its flaws - thus suitable only as a webstore special piece :)...
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  • Green weekend Jun 08, 2018
    Oi Ladz!! It's Unkle Speedster again! Heard you missed a decent, orky promo, aye? Well I've got  good news for ya: for the next 3 days (monday included!) you get a special 20% discount on ALL ORK AND GOBLIN RELATED PRODUCTS!!! Show 'em who's da boss!!! We've got...
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  • Big Boom May 25, 2018
    Big Bada Boom! Any big guns lovers out there? If you like to "soften" your enemy a little before engaging them in a regular combat, then this promo is for you! For the next seven days all of our "heavy wepons" products are 15% off. Gun carts, weapon turrets, tanks,...
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  • Anti Riot Ogres set is out May 11, 2018
    Things are gonna get heavy! Our Anti-Riot ogres are an elite rapid response unit, most commonly used as heavy armoured shock troopers. They usually serve on the battlefield as living, mobile bunker walls. Hidden behind huge shields, they're able to withstand heavy...
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