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  • Desert Dwellers - making of Sep 13, 2018
    Last week saw the release of our desert dwellers unit. Damn, it was quite a journey - designing a coherent unit poses much more challenges than working on a single character. THE IDEA The whole concept started thanks to one of our past conversion kits - desert...
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  • Desert Dweller Unit is out Sep 07, 2018
    Desert dwellers are a nomad tribe, scavenging the vast deserts of their home planet. Constantly searching for water, food, weapons, abandoned tech and scraps of metal, these silent warriors specialize in guerilla warfare, swift and silent ambushes and covert operations...
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  • Turn up the heat! Aug 10, 2018
    Just in case you're not having enough summer already, we've decided to turn up the heat a little bit! ;) For the next 3 days all of our heating, melting and vaporizing weapons are 20% off. Well, not only these but all the products that can be considered... hot. Just...
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  • Post-apo bartertown promo Jul 13, 2018
    Who runs Bartertown?! Masta of Dizasta runs Bartertown! Welcome wasteland scavengers!  Fancy a new ride or a nice, just a little bit rusty gun?? Well, we've got some good news for ya! For the next 7 days all of our post-apo related products are 15% off! Bartertown...
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