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  • Hack and Slash Jan 12, 2018
    Looking for some finely crafted melee weapons? Something that can crack your enemies skull open with just a simple swing? A reliable yet simple tool that will endure every combat, no matter what? Well, today is your lucky day! Just take a look at these fine...
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  • Ho! Ho! Ho! Dec 19, 2017
    Merry Christmas everyone! As usual, we've decided to deliver something special for Christmas. Here's this year's miniature - Santa's Little Gobbo. Always busy and eager to help, this green bugger has got a huge gift for every one of You. There's only one little...
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  • Monster Orcs! Dec 01, 2017
    Halloween is long gone, but we've figured a way to prolong it a little bit ;) We've had a couple of ideas on our Halloween special miniature this year and finally decided to go with the Orkenstein's Monster, BUT it just felt such a shame to just abandon all other...
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  • Black Friday 2017 Nov 23, 2017
    Oh YEAH! Black Friday 2017 is on! All items over at store got a hefty 20% discount. Groovy! The discount will last till the end the weekend which should give enough time to catch on a deal :) .
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