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  • Desert Pyromaniac Nov 15, 2018
    Not every desert dweller is an exceptional marksman, stealthy soldier or close combat specialist. Some of them seem to be a bit odd, and simply like to see the world burn... These troops are one of the bravest...
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  • Honk Honk! Nov 08, 2018
    What's better than an open-topped looted wagon full of orcs, charging full speed ahead? Nothing. This vehicle is DA THING! Definitely not an ordinary trukk, orc M3 halftrack has got it all: armor plates, nitro afterburners, big shoota, extra fuel cans, enhanced chassis,...
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  • Da Loot Oct 31, 2018
    More ammo! More fuel! More DAKKA!!! Orcs just love to put their hands on stuff that not exactly belongs to them. Some greenskin clans specialize in that sort of activities, and even turn it into some sort of twisted and bizarre form of art. What is loot? Well... it's...
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  • Horns up! Oct 26, 2018
    Gharrak the Bone Gnawer - without a doubt one of the strongest and most brutish leaders of beast tribes. Large, hairy and musclebound beast, expert in close combat battle, he leads his herd from the front, whenever a battle is at hand. Crowned with a sets of worn yet...
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