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  • Law enforcement Oct 07, 2019
    Sometimes the only way to keep law and order is to use brutal force. Swift and sure, but not always just. People who carry out this function are extremely well trained and are about to use any means necessary to fulfill...
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  • Iron will Aug 30, 2019
    Hailing from the distant world of eternal darkness, these elite soldiers are well known throughout the galaxy for being a die hard guardsmen that never back down and are always prepared to die to the last man if necessary.
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  • All things putrid Aug 18, 2019
    Get yourself ready for a whole WEEK of disgusting goodies with a 15% discount :) Lots of rotting flesh, festering wounds, scabs, pus and all kinds of gutted monstrosities. Yum! We've slashed 15% off from the following products: - graeter plaguebringer -...
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  • Jungel Ghosts Aug 11, 2019
    This week something for those wanting to make their own set of battle hardened jungle fighters - a set of torsos (with separate arms) as usual cast in our high quality resin. These guys are TOUGH! Jungle soldiers are...
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