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  • XMAS2018 special Dec 11, 2018
    This content is probably not quite safe for work - you've been warned! At first glance he just looks like a really nasty, dwarvish version of Santa Claus. Shaggy, toothless, probably a bit smelly too. But if you take a closer look at what he's holding... yeah,...
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  • Desert Dwellers Arc Cannoneer Dec 07, 2018
    Arc cannon operators are probably the most ultimate badass soldiers of all the desert dwellers. Carrying a huge, battery powered heavy weapon ain't the safest duty in the world. Extremely powerful, yet...
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  • MORE DAKKA!!! Nov 23, 2018
    Now THAT'S a big gun! Orc Special Weapon are an elite unit, obsessed with huge, highly customized weapons, capable to wipe out an entire squad of infantry in a hail of fire.   Unlike other orcs, they prefere to keep their distance and shower the enemy with bullets,...
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  • Woohoo - Black Friday 2018! Nov 22, 2018
    Hope you didn't think we'd forget about this special day, did you? Well, we did not. Black Friday 2018 just kicked in! All items in webstore just got a hefty 20% discount. The discount will last till the end the weekend, which should give enough time to catch...
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