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  • Post-apo bartertown promo Jul 13, 2018
    Who runs Bartertown?! Masta of Dizasta runs Bartertown! Welcome wasteland scavengers!  Fancy a new ride or a nice, just a little bit rusty gun?? Well, we've got some good news for ya! For the next 7 days all of our post-apo related products are 15% off! Bartertown...
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  • Female Kommissar joins the ranks Jul 09, 2018
    "If you won't serve in battle, then you will be treated as a mutineer..."                                                                                        - Nina Richter     Behold Nina Richter - a highly respected Kommissar, tasked with the duty...
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  • Monowheel Androbot is out. Jul 02, 2018
    Remember our Loader Androbot? If so, then you'll surely be happy to meet his younger brother! :D Monowheel Androbot is surely a speedy fella and you can always count on his helping hand... or a buzzsaw arm, it's your...
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  • For a limited time Jun 22, 2018
    Limited quantities of the plague giant miniature are back in store. This is one of those pieces that pops out only from time to time as it is a bit tricky to cast and while it has cool vibe it is not without its flaws - thus suitable only as a webstore special piece :)...
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