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  • Elder race Mar 11, 2019
    Once they dominated and ruled the Galaxy, but now are just an ancient dying race, forgotten long time ago. After the fall of their dominion, they have scattered among the stars in a planetoid-sized starships, roaming through the void.
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  • Might is right Mar 01, 2019
    The almighty veterans are an undisputed ruling class in the bizarre, yet strangely reasonable orc hierarchy. They are pretty much the largest and most dangerous ones in a warband, inferior only to warboss or warlords, who are simply bigger and stronger. Veterans (like...
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  • Stygian Khopeshes Feb 22, 2019
    Cursed weapons made of bronze and copper, an ancient heritage of a civilization lost aeons ago. Their rusty yet still sharp blades engraved with mysterious hieroglyphs, that are impossible to unravel even by the wisest wizards alive.
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  • Kisses, Kisses Feb 13, 2019
    From with love... comes a set of heads swaps that feel the spirit of this time of the year - Valentine's Day Special head swaps. You know we enjoy silly things from time to time - we simply...
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