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  • Turn up the heat! Aug 10, 2018
    Just in case you're not having enough summer already, we've decided to turn up the heat a little bit! ;) For the next 3 days all of our heating, melting and vaporizing weapons are 20% off. Well, not only these but all the products that can be considered... hot. Just...
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  • Post-apo bartertown promo Jul 13, 2018
    Who runs Bartertown?! Masta of Dizasta runs Bartertown! Welcome wasteland scavengers!  Fancy a new ride or a nice, just a little bit rusty gun?? Well, we've got some good news for ya! For the next 7 days all of our post-apo related products are 15% off! Bartertown...
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  • Female Kommissar joins the ranks Jul 09, 2018
    "If you won't serve in battle, then you will be treated as a mutineer..."                                                                                        - Nina Richter     Behold Nina Richter - a highly respected Kommissar, tasked with the duty...
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  • Monowheel Androbot is out. Jul 02, 2018
    Remember our Loader Androbot? If so, then you'll surely be happy to meet his younger brother! :D Monowheel Androbot is surely a speedy fella and you can always count on his helping hand... or a buzzsaw arm, it's your...
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