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  • Up, up and away
    Up, up and away Posted by on May 25, 2017.

    New jump packs are here! These are perfect for all the fast attack support troops on the battlefield. The storm talon pattern jump packs are designed to fit la.. more..

  • Xenohunters shoulder pads
    Xenohunters shoulder pads Posted by on Apr 15, 2017.

    New shoulder pads incomiiiing! In the distant depth of space lives an ancient tribe of mysterious warrior.. more..

  • Scrap Tankette - Mark II
    Scrap Tankette - Mark II Posted by on Apr 07, 2017.

    A while ago we’ve released Gobling Scrap Tankette that was very well received and happened to be quite a shot. Well, here’s another one then: Goblin Scrap Tanke.. more..

  • Bigger OINK!
    Bigger OINK! Posted by on Mar 24, 2017.

    A couple of months ago we've released head swaps that were a bit... peculiar ;) The bits we're talking about are called "boarman heads", and they turned out to .. more..

  • Shriek from the abyss
    Shriek from the abyss Posted by on Mar 10, 2017.

    Another day, another shoulder pad ;) This time we have something a little more evil and twisted: Screaming Heretic Shoulder Pads! more..

  • Goblin Junkyard Roller
    Goblin Junkyard Roller Posted by on Mar 07, 2017.

    There is something exceptional about goblins, no doubt about it. They're small, cowardly, weak creatures and not even orks like them. That's why they ALWAYS hav.. more..

  • Forge guardians shoulder pads
    Forge guardians shoulder pads Posted by on Feb 24, 2017.

    New shoulder pads are here! Heck, we're reaching a point where pads might get separate category :D . more..

  • Fly my monster, fly...
    Fly my monster, fly... Posted by on Feb 13, 2017.

    This week we have something for truly monstrous miniatures - a set of monstrous wings. This should fit either a nasty demon, undead dragon or some sort of biome.. more..

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