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  • White Star Andromech stomps in Jul 22, 2016
    Recently we've released the White Star Andromech - here it is if you haven't seen it: I thought I'd share some awesome concepts Glen Giron did for this one. The idea evolved a bit during the process as we wanted to keep the units feel coherent. As...
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  • Boarman Heads released May 14, 2016
    Oink, oink! - boarman heads have been added to the webstore: This project has been sparked by the idea I had for my beastman unit and I thought I'm not the only one that falls into temptation of making...
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  • White Star reinforcements Apr 19, 2016
    Time to bolster White Star forces with some mechanized infantry. You didn't think we would leave Meg's girls alone on the battlefield, did you ;) ? In fact they were spawned when we were working on an idea for a bigger faction. So here is a 2nd piece for it - a...
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  • Terrain in full color Mar 17, 2016
    ​ I've always preferred to game on a beautiful scenery – nicely done, color terrain enhances experience so much. I've been thinking how we can help making those happen – and here's first set showing result of months work. Full color, durable hdf terrain which...
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