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  • Wasteland survivor. Sep 14, 2017
    Meet Zaezool the Wastelander, toxic desert lone survivor. Scavenging through hazardous areas and polluted hive cities, this fella is just another average Joe in a post apocalyptic reality. Fighting for survival every single day, Zaezool is a swift and resourceful guy,...
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  • Demonbound Swords released Aug 31, 2017
    Enough with all the shooting. When things go close and personal, it’s time to put your hands on something a bit more reliable than a pistol. It’s time to learn the discipline of steel! These weapons come from an age undreamed of… forged in the darkness of chaos,...
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  • New 3D printer inhouse! Aug 28, 2017
    First of all – worry not, Envisiontec is still our main machine we use for the most demanding tasks. But we often need to work on larger projects (vehicles and terrain for example) – and that's where 3d printer with bigger build volume and lower maintenance costs...
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  • FIRE IN A HOLE! Aug 17, 2017
    Some of you are probably familiar with Meg’s Girls – an all-female squad of highly skilled soldiers. Fearless, extremely dangerous, armed to the teeth and ready to kill. If you haven’t seen them yet then don’t waste your time! We assure that these minis are...
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