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  • Waaagh-Waaagh West! Aug 27, 2016
    Waaagh-waagh West! Sounds of gunfire, outlaws, brawls - sound pretty orc-y , don't you think? At least we've thought so and decided to put gunslingers and greenskins into mix. The theme is too tempting to pass it up. Interesting bit is this the work of our intern,...
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  • Space Brutes for hire! Aug 08, 2016
    Need a serious dude watching your back at all time? Well. Then our Space Ogre is the bodyguard You’re looking for! :) This bulky fella comes with 3 different head choices (stylish shades included) and a variety of weapons. You can hire one or three of them, now with...
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  • What’s hidden under the hood? Aug 05, 2016
    Let’s put a  spotlight on our new product – the brotherhood heads! Our main goal was to create interesting head swaps that would fit both: scifi and fantasy 28mm miniatures. The tricky part was to come up with an idea that wouldn’t be just a regular male/female...
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  • Necrohounds are back in store! Jul 27, 2016
    Woof woof! Necrohounds are back! They’re angry, hungry and… dead ;) If You’re looking for some nasty beasts that will fit your post apocalyptic army, then You should definitely give them a try. They’re not an average couch-loving mutts, that’s for...
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