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  • Greyskull Shoulder Pads released Dec 23, 2016
    We've managed to squeeze one more release before hoildays - greyskull shoulder pads. Sculpted by the Pawel "Kazube" Laskowski.
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  • Rotten Santa is coming! Dec 16, 2016
    Christmas time nears and look who shambles along with sack full of goodies ;) . Damn, we had fun working on this one. Rotten Santa 2016 X-mas special mini from on Vimeo. The...
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  • Chris paints androbot Dec 12, 2016
    Recently Chris painted our Loader Androbot model - and here's how he did it :) . Assuming that the model is cleaned and assembled properly, first thing to do is priming. Metal parts are dominant feature of the model so we can help ourself putting the base colours...
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  • Goblin Scrap Tankette released Dec 08, 2016
    Onward, to Victory! If there's anything 100% certain about goblins, it's that they can make one hell of a weapon using only scraps, junk and whatever they can stea... borrow from their bigger fellas...
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